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I’m Back!! :)


I’m back. I’ve been off of my blog for most of my summer. Is it weird or what? usually people write more during breaks and slow down during school. I”m being myself I guess. Haha. Summer break means summer break and I’m on a break doing absolutely nothing but brooding and thinking about how I lived my life so far and how I should go forward. Many a things have been hitting me hard this summer that I have started to take life a little more seriously. I will be going back to school, for my internship in a week and I’m pretty excited and anxious about it.

There is no time for me to shy away form social situations anymore. Regardless of my pathetic appearance I have got to accept the way I look and sound, I have to shed my fears behind and start moving. I’m still working on it. Today as I was listening to the sermon,one quote that the Reverend quoted was “If you wish for something, you don’t just pray for it but you have to work for it.” Well, as I heard it I thought to myself, ‘Hey you, you have to start working for the things you have been praying for’. I know me telling myself to just work for it wont do the job, but I have to actually get my behind up, start moving and work for what I have been praying for.  So, apart from the internship (given from school) I have many other goals that I have got to reach before I come back next summer.

This summer I also learned that being the oldest daughter of my parents does not just include pampering but a whole lot of pressure. Pressure that makes you feel good but at the same time pressurized. What I mean is, my parents have great expectations from me, and I assure it feels good people keep their trust in you. In fact it feels awesome, but at the same time I have an obligation to keep their trust and meet their expectations. Now that, is a little nerve wrecking. But I will meet their expectations.

I discovered somethings that I really enjoyed doing for hours together and did not feel bored. I figured one more thing out, that I absolutely i mean absolutely dislike sitting idle. I have come to the point where I even don’t mind having to fold fresh laundry. And if you are someone who know knows me well, you’ll know what that means 😀

All these three years I have been in denial. In denial of the fact I am not a child and I have to grow up and go out into the world. Over the past few weeks, many of my grade school classmates have started updating their work statuses. They are getting into permanent jobs, those girls who I grew up with. If they can, why can’t I? I will, I know I will.

24*7 Music

This is probably the most laid back summer I’ve had since I moved to the U.S.  Honestly this is not what I like to do at all. I’ve been applying for jobs, internships but my stars don’t seem to be happy enough with me to give me even a volunteering opportunity at a pharmacy!!  An idle mind is a devil’s workshop,(I don’t even like to think about what my mind brings up when I’m idle. Its all about regurgitating memories), so I occupy myself with music. I sign into Pandora, with my more than a score of Bollywood song stations and listen to it all day long. I mean, literally 24*7.  (Yes, even when answering natures calls and showers). I wake up, and switch on my iPod, plug it to external speakers. I take it with me everywhere i go around the house, since I rule the house by myself for about 12 hours (not for long though, my little brother will be done with school in a week). The best thing I realized I like doing is blasting music at its loudest in the kitchen, and cooking my frustration of having nothing better to do! In the past two weeks I made myself breakfast twice (well, my mum usually prepares breakfast before she leaves for work.) Going on this tangent: my mother has always prepared the family breakfast, the authentic Indian style every single day despite living seven seas across from homeland and her busy work schedule.  So me having to prepare breakfast is out of the question.

Getting back on track here: With my upbeat desi beats in the background I entered the kitchen like in any Bollywood/ Hollywood movies where the ‘Hero/heroine enters with style and with their own theme music playing in the background.’ (You know what I mean rite? ).   The first one was making the traditional “appam”

Appam in the making

Appam in the making

Appam is a Nasrani dish of fermented bread made with rice batter and coconut milk. It is a staple diet and a cultural synonym of the Nasranis (also known as Saint Thomas Christians or Syrian Christians) of KeralaIndia.It is eaten most frequently for breakfast or dinner. Appam is a term equivalent to bread. Another form of appam is “Kallappam”, where “kall” (Malayalam) means toddy, which is used for fermentation. This type of appam is prepared in an appa kal (mould). Kallappam looks like a pancake.” (Wikipedia)

Well, there was the batter, all I had to do was form it into the edible form. Then the other day I made an evening tea time snack.  I had music in the background. It’s called pakkavada  (pakora) In the process of frying it burnt my finger lightly from the hot oil.  😦 (be cautioned. this was my first time frying in hot oil).  I decided I’ll stick to non stick pans and zero hot oil. But those pakoras were good. My father gave me a thumbs up. (not an easy task when it comes to food).

Hot Pakkavadas :perfect for evening tea time on rainy days

Hot Pakkavadas :perfect for evening tea time on rainy days

"My ghost capsule"  music box case synonymous to my situation now.

“My ghost capsule” music box case synonymous to my situation now.

And during one of those music cooking sessions my music box (my iPod as I have named it) accidentally slipped of the countertop and to the floor cracking its glass on the bottom half pretty bad. Luckily I had insurance on it and am getting it replaced, but I have to stay three days while they replace it, which means no music during my calls or shower! I will be soul less just like its case looks like a ghost capsule.

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful summertime 🙂

I don’t have a title

The first thing my mother commented, when she came to move me out for the year was, “You’ve put on a lot of weight…”. Its been almost a month since I”ve been home, you might be wondering why I am still stuck at school and moving out. Well, You’re fat, chubby, and all synonymous names and comments are like a redundant song playing on the radio anymore. I’ve been hearing that, back from when I was six years old. I’ve always been on the heavier side, and waived away any such comment till my mother’s comment few weeks ago. Why? I dunno. But the past semester, some of my closer friends also mentioned about it, and I was determined. So here I am…

Its not very easy for me to follow schedule when it comes to physical training. Knowing me pretty well, I set a lenient schedule, hoping I would follow. Half an hour of Just dance,  half an hour of jogging (to start with), and jumping jacks. Well, I followed it for three days and went back to my lazy self. The other day I came across a pin on Pinterest that hoola hooping would held shape abs. I looked more   into it and thought… I always wanted to hoola hoop (without letting it drop!).  After a week long pestering, I have a hoola hoop. Now all I have to do is do it!

http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20397949,00.htmlThis is one of the articles I found, that made me want to start on it. I started on it this past weekend, hoola hoopin for 45 mins, with some upbeat bollywood music. 😀 . And to be honest, it did make me sweat.  I will be resuming with my Just Dance on Wii, later today. Even if I go at this slow pace punctually, I could shed some weight. Do you have any other weight losing mantras?

On another note, I got nominated for Dragon’s Loyalty award. I was amazed. Two awards in two months? I really am thankful to Hannah, from The Handmade Hippie for nominating me. It made me even more glad to know that this is an award given for loyalty (as the name obviously states it) of a fellow blogger that loyally follows your blog or you loyally follow theirs. These are the rules for this award:

• Display the award certificate in this post.

• Announce the win and link back to the person who nominated you.

• Present the award to another 15 nominees who will be notified in their main pages about their nominations.

• Post seven interesting things about your blog.

1.) dragons-loyalty-award

2.) Check 🙂

3.) I do not know so many people in blogosphere, so there’s definitely not 15.

The Handmade Hippie is my motivator and my inspiration to write this blog. She has followed every single posting on this blog from day 1.

 Sakshi Vashist

A Rich, Full Life In Spite of it 

4.) Seven interesting things about my blog: (I’m making it six)

i.) This is my second blog attmpt

ii) I am still working on focusing the topics of interest.

iii) So far, I have focused it on, Crafts, Humor, baking/cooking, personal musings, now exercise.

iv) I love learning new things and sharing it, and this is my stage.

v.) I will be adding my Sims story,too, soon.

vi) I will be linking another blog of mine, where I write short stories.


PS: I am posting it a day early as I promised to spend the day with my family tomorrow.

Hands in kitchen gloves

Summer is here at last.  I get to sleep in 😀

I get the kitchen to myself during the day when everyone else goes to their routine life. I jumped right in on the first day back from school  and started my hand on baking. And when I bake stuff I love to present to everyone in my family as a surprise when they return from their tiring day, and so for that reason I also have to make sure everyone can can enjoy it equally, (diabetics, weight watchers, etc., etc). Therefore I alter the ingredients, to suit the tastes of the people.  I baked pineapple upside down cake, which I put up this past Wednesday. I did not add any brown sugar, hence the pale look, I put 1/4 cup sugar when it call for 2 cups of sugar, if there was any sweetness it was solely from the pineapple and its juice that seeped through. Otherwise it came out well, even the people not compatible with sugar/ sweetness.  And for the broken pieces, I was a little too impatient to let the cake cool in its original pan.


I realized it was the wrong puff pastry after it came out.

Later last week I tried the Nutella puff (found on Pinterest) inspired banana puff with the wrong puff pastry sheet. It was my first time working with puff pastry. Instead of the nutella and marshmallows, I coated banana slices in sugar and let them sit for a little. Meanwhile, I cut up the pastry sheets in 10×10 cm size and buttered them, and made five layers,(5 of these) butter in each layer. (very unhealthy… so it was just my brother and I who ate them.) I put about 2-4 slices in one five layer crust (?) Put them in the oven for 12-15 mins, at 350 degrees. Despite the  wrog pastry sheet, the “banana puff” turned out decent, very buttery and sugary…

And Because of the copious amount of butter used in less than a week, I am banned from baking anymore (at least for a while) due to concerns for health. 😛 But that is not going to stop me from running my newly begun ‘cooking/baking  lab’. I will be going ethnic… working on Indian dishes… at a slower pace though. But I am excited.

(from pinterest) my inspiration model

(from pinterest) my inspiration model